Paper Plate Rainbow Shaker Craft

Emma Smith

Isn’t Spring a welcome sight after a long cold Winter? It’s so lovely to be able to spend more time outside with the children; they seem to enjoy running and jumping about as much as the little lambs!

Here’s a fun Rainbow Shaker craft that children can enjoy using inside and outside this Spring. It’s fabulous for shake, shake, shaking along to your favourite songs at home and its trailing ribbons make it lots of fun for running around with outside too.


With April showers just around the corner your little ones might be lucky enough to see a real rainbow too. I don’t think rainbows ever lose their magic, even for us grown ups!

Supplies For A Rainbow Shaker

  • Paper Plate
  • Dried Rice/Beans
  • Masking/Decorators Tape
  • Rainbow Coloured Ribbon/Tissue Paper
  • White Glue
  • Cotton Wool Balls

How To Make A Rainbow Shaker


1.Fold the paper plate in half and use strips of masking/decorators tape to secure the two halves together. Start at one side and continue round the plate until there is just a small opening left. I love using masking tape when I’m crafting with young children because it cuts and tears really easily and enables little ones to be a bit more independent. Also because the tape is paper based children can easily draw or glue over the top of it unlike water resistant plastic tapes.


2.Children can now pop the dried rice or beans into the hole and then tape the last little bit shut to lock them inside. This will give a lovely gentle noise when they give it a shake. (Do remember that small items are a choking risk and never leave your child unattended with this craft.)


3. Now it’s time to add the rainbow streamers. These are such fun to swish around! You could use strips of ribbon, tissue paper, crepe paper or even fabric, whatever you have to hand. Cut them as long as you want them and simply tape them into place.


4. Finally it’s time to turn your paper plate into a fluffy white cloud by glueing the rest of its surface and adding lots of cotton wool balls. Cover one side and then flip it over to do the other.


Once the Paper Plate Rainbow Shaker is dry the children can have lots of fun shaking, singing and dancing along to all their favourite tunes.



Rainbow Shaker Crafts for Kids

This post was written by Emma Smith of My Little 3 and Me exclusively for BonBon Break Media, LLC.

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Emma is a teacher and early years specialist. After her youngest son was born deaf she moved away from full time teaching to be a WSAHM which she loves. She’s enjoyed developing skills in Sign Language and Cued Speech and inspired every day by her three children she writes at award winning blog My Little 3 and Me where she adores sharing crafts and activities to promote children’s communication and creativity. Having recently shaken off her city roots and moved to an old countryside cottage you’ll find her enjoying her spare time developing DIY skills she never dreamed of and engaging in an eternal battle with the weeds.