When It’s Time to Shut a Post Down

BonBon Break


A life was taken away and then disrespected on numerous levels. Two moms talked about it. How DO we talk about it? One wrote a letter to “white moms” to broach the subject. Another mom responded and her letter to the “black mom” was shared.

Many people read these letters. There was a lot of support. Phrases like “I will listen”, “I will speak up” and “I will teach my children..” were written. Then ugly words started seeping into the feed. We had to turn off the comments because we couldn’t bear to sift through the vitriol to share the rest of the positive feedback.

We cannot provide real estate for these conversations where people are treating one another as less than human.

This has been a lesson on what we are and what we are not.


Val Curtis

Editor-in-chief of BonBon Break

<UPDATE: After a lot of reflection and an incredible outpouring of support, both posts have been activated again. This time without comments.> 


Dear White Mom: by Keesha Beckford

Dear Black Mom: by Sarah Anthofer