The Big Bad Wolf by Callie and Chef

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The Big Bad Wolf

~:: Callie and Chef ::~

The Big Bad Wolf by Callie and Chef

Recently, the big bad wolf stopped by our home uninvited. Thereafter, our daughter refused to sleep in her bed for weeks. It got me thinking about all the wolves in the world, and how we, as parents, can better protect our little ones’ innocence for as long as possible.

CallieABOUT CALLIE:  Callie Pannier is a Texan by birth and a nomad at heart. After graduating from Rhodes College and a few years of traveling, she joined Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts to pursue a career that would cater to her love of travel and fine hotels. Today, Callie lives in Hampshire, England.

Callie recently put her office heels back up on the shelf to spend more time at home with their daughter. Life with a French chef, motherhood, and an opinionated dog inspired Callie to begin blogging about her family adventures both abroad and at home at Callie and Chef.



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