Teaching Kids What To Do If They Get Lost

Amanda Rue

I took my boys to the zoo by myself for the first time last week.  We were having a wonderful time checking out the animals, people watching, and just being goofy.

But, at one point during our trip, my 4-year-old got too far away from me and a sea of people came between us.  I could see him looking around for me with fear in his eyes.  I quickly darted through the crowd towards him and I noticed the relief on his face when he saw me.

Then it hit me.  I never taught him what to do if he ever got lost.  A total parent fail.

He didn’t have one of those emergency contact tattoos or sheet of paper in his pocket with my phone number.

I’m not sure he’d be able to tell anyone my name.  He can sometimes remember my first name, but most of the time I’m just Mommy.

He had no idea who to approach to ask for help or where to go.

I completely failed at giving him the tools he would need if he was ever lost.

It was time for a lesson in safety.

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Teaching Kids What To Do If They Get Lost by Dirt and Boogers


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Amanda is a play therapist turned stay at home mom to two boys. She blogs about parenthood and play over at Dirt & Boogers. She understands that there is no perfection in parenthood and that even parenting educators and experts, like her, make mistakes. It’s all about picking ourselves up, learning lessons, and moving on.