How To Survive The Holidays With Kids: 5 Tips from Multiple Mayhem Mamma

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Surviving The Holiday With Kids: 5 Tips from Multiple Mayhem Mamma

The holidays are here and the kids are going crazy! With Santa’s visit around the corner, not to mention sugary treats and time away from school, it’s no wonder that parents are feeling stressed. Fortunately there are some simple tips that frazzled parents can follow in order to get through the festive season. Read on for details.

Sam-Headshot-225x300ABOUT SAMANTHA: Samantha Kemp-Jackson is a parenting writer, blogger, senior communications consultant and the married working mother of four children who range in age from adult to elementary school age (the latter two being identical twin boys). The voice behind the popular parenting blog Multiple Mayhem Mamma, she focuses on topics and issues that resonate with her audience of (primarily) moms, from a lighthearted yet real perspective. She has also written a number of articles about more serious topics that have provided thoughtful insight to her readers.

Samantha has written for a number of high-profile publications including The Ricki Lake Show Magazine (2012), The Huffington Post (where she’s a regular featured blogger),, and many others. She is also appears regularly in broadcast media to dispense her practical tips and advice. In 2013, Samantha released an eBook of her top tips and advice from her blog called “Meltdown in Aisle 5: Top Parenting Tips From Multiple Mayhem Mamma.” The ebook is available for download on

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