Sparkling Champagne Bundt Cake

Betsy Haley


Champagne is one holiday tradition I can get behind, and when it comes in bundt cake form, like this sparkling champagne bundt cake, it’s doubly as excellent if you ask me. Champagne bundt cake washed down with a glass of champagne? Pure bliss.

Despite the fact that I’m a notorious holiday Grinch, I’m also notorious for expressing gratitude, and I have to say, I have a lot to celebrate. This year brought me an abundance of opportunities including being able to share ideas with you wonderful folks here on BonBon Break. I also was able to travel to some pretty far ends of the earth, and experience things I could have never dreamed of. For the most part, my health and the health of my family is good, and we have lived a very comfortable life this year. I think all that deserves a toast.

Perhaps you all have struggled more than I this year, and for that I can only say, tomorrow is a new day. Each day holds small blessings no matter how bleak things may seem, so seek those out, celebrate them, and continue looking forward to the future with a hopeful heart.

Huge cheers to you, your families, your aspirations and inspirations! Let’s raise a glass (and a fork) to a beautiful new year!



This Champagne Bundt Cake is the perfect dessert for your New Year's Eve Party

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