6 Tips for Making Perfect Fluffy Rice





6 Tips for Making Perfect Fluffy Rice by The Wimpy Vegetarian

I don’t have a slow cooker so I love these 6 Tips for Making Perfect Fluffy Rice!! We make a lot of rice come the fall as it goes so nicely with many dishes. Let’s let Susan from The Wimpy Vegetarian show us how!! ~Tara

6 Tips for Making Perfect Fluffy Rice

Don’t have a rice cooker but need the perfect recipe that gives you fluffy rice every time? This post is for you. Learn tips on how to prevent rice from becoming too starchy, and how to punch up the grain flavor. When is the best time to add salt and other spices and herbs for your best rice? How much liquid is enough without being too much? To stir or not to stir? All these questions and more are answered in The Wimpy Vegetarian’s post.

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6 Tips for Making Perfect Fluffy Rice




SusanABOUT SUSAN: Susan is a mostly (wimpy) vegetarian married to a Carnivorous Maximus, and draws on her culinary school training to create meals they both can enjoy. Initially, in the belief (hope) that her vegetarian interests were temporary, CM agreed to try new kale dishes. But he drew the line at farro. “Horse food”, he called it, while pawing at the floor. Through Susan’s efforts to create delicious food they can share, she launched The Wimpy Vegetarian blog, and won recipe development contests run by Food52, Whole Foods, and Davidson’s Eggs. Her recipes can be found in two cookbooks published by Food52, and her work has appeared on The Weiser Kitchen and Ask Miss A websites.

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