Pediatric Surgery: the MUST HAVE item by Wrinkled Mommy

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Pediatric Surgery: the MUST HAVE item

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My six year old had surgery yesterday. The Doctors called it minor. My mom brain, screamed MAJOR. The calm professionalism of Brenner Children’s Hospital and Dr. Atala was beyond my expectations. They are truly experts at what they do.

When we walked in at 6 AM sharp, there was a very long line waiting at the we will cut you surgical check in station. It was solemn and quiet with patients and their friends or family sweetly whispering their words of support with the occasional back rub, knowing nod, or arm around the shoulders. David and Wade took seats in the waiting area and I took my place in line to check him in.

Through the check-in, waiting, and recovery there is one MUST HAVE item…

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She left her corporate Senior Account Analyst career, to stay home and be a servant to her insubordinate offspring. In her spare time she enjoys…never mind, she has no spare time.

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