My Dead Grandma is Totally Messing With Me by Ice Scream Mama

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My Dead Grandma is Totally Messing With Me

~:: Ice Scream Mama ::~

My Dead Grandma is Totally Messing with MeMy grandmother was one of those people who ‘knew’ things. So when she predicted, I would be having a baby girl, I believed her, until I had a boy and then another and another. Witches don’t like being wrong and she went to her grave convinced. Now, on the year anniversary of her passing, I found myself at the drugstore with a pregnancy test…

ABOUT ALISA:  I am a SAHM of three delicious boys who I eat up day and night, except when they’ve gone a little sour, then they give me a bit of a stomach ache. Anyway, I love writing, I love reading. I love being active – running, biking, having a catch, whatever. My favorite treat is ice cream. Sometimes I have it twice a day. I decided I deserve it. You do too.
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