The Low-Stress Summer Bucket List Twist by The (Reformed) Idealist Mom

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Summer bucket lists can be fun, but as the Pinterest-age has made them a “status quo” of summer, a lot of parents (myself included) are experiencing a sense of “bucket list failure”or burn-out. So as soon as I saw this post from Kelly, I knew we had to share it! Here is a wonderful, low-pressure twist on the summer bucket list. ~Ellie

A Low-Stress Summer Bucket List Twist by The (Reformed)  Idealist Mom

Bucket lists stress me out. They’re just another to-do list, and I’ve got plenty of those hanging around not getting done.

But I want to love them. Especially the summer bucket lists. I daydream about giving my girls a magical childhood summer, from the ooey-gooey goodness of s’mores, to chasing elusive fireflies, to no longer having dirty hobbit feet thanks to the endless pool time.

I did a little research on to-do lists with summer fun in mind, and I came across three secrets to success for summer bucket lists.

The first secret? Don’t make a summer bucket list – make this instead.


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