Look Again by Two Cannoli

BonBon Break

Look Again by Two CannoliWhen you really need a friend, do you reach out or pull away? And as a friend, when someone you care about goes underground, do you go after them or let them go? This post is about looking a little closer and offering someone a lifeline even when you think you’re not needed. Or wanted.

Kristin Shaw is a writer, wife, and mother of a preschooler. She grew up in the RV capital of the world — Elkhart, Indiana — and is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. She enjoyed several years in Atlanta before the mother ship called her Texan husband home to Austin. Her favorite things are family, classic cars, sports, Italy and dessert; not necessarily in that order. You can reach her via Twitter @AustinKVS or her blog Two Cannoli, where she writes about relationships, motherhood and love.

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