Kindergarten Playdate Etiquette: Lessons Learned by Keeping Mommy Sane

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Kindergarten Playdate Etiquette: Lessons Learned

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Kindergarten Playdate Etiquette: Lessons Learned by Keeping Mommy Sane

I like to consider myself a savvy mom, but I admit I am mystified by the world of kindergarten playdates. Until now, playdates have been an excuse for my fellow mom friends and I to get together and catch up; we’d never had a playdate with a “stranger.” But all that changed when – through a series of bizarre events – a boy from my son’s kindergarten class ended up coming over for a playdate. I didn’t know what the “proper etiquette” was. Would the boy’s mom stay for the duration of the playdate? Should I be prepared to make hours of small talk with a total stranger? What happened even took me by surprise. Read on for more about my experience and for my tips to help other clueless moms navigate the tricky world of kindergarten playdates.

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