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Judge Not.

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stigma-of-depression Judge Not by Honest MomWhat would you do if you told someone that you had a medical issue — and they responded by telling you that you were weak, pathetic, and should never have had children?

Unimaginable, right?

Well, that’s the kind of talk that moms with depression encounter. Including me.

And I’m not going to take that kind of nasty judgement lying down.

Watch JD this Tuesday (March 5th) on Katie Couric’ show, “Katie”, discussing the stigma of depression.

honest-mom-button-11.12-b&w-200ABOUT JD: JD Bailey is the creator of Honest Mom, where she blogs about raising her young daughters and managing her depression. With real candor and a good dose of humor, JD writes to connect with other moms and create a space for women to both vent and laugh.

JD is an outspoken voice in the ongoing conversation about women and depression. Her ultimate goal is to help lift the stigma of depression while helping other moms to feel less alone in their battles with the chronic illness.

You can find JD pretty much any time of day on FacebookTwitterPinterest, or Google+.



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