Holiday Shopping Scam: A MMB PSA by Mastering Mommy Brain

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Holiday Shopping Scam: A MMB PSA

~:: Mastering Mommy Brain ::~

There is so much to be excited about during the holiday season – beautiful decorations, delicious food, and creating special memories with family and friends. As you head out to do your holiday shopping, I would love to bring awareness to a gift card scam which almost cost me financially last year. We are all busy, but taking some extra care during your shopping can prove to help avoid any issues.

ABOUT DANA: Dana is a mom living in the northeast who has a loving husband, 2 adorable children, and a crazy full-time job. She is the creator of Mastering Mommy Brain, which aims to provide a place for moms to know they are not alone in their busy lives. You can follow Mastering Mommy Brain on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.