ASK DR. G: Help Shy Kids Reach Out

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Ask Doctor G: Help Shy Kids Reach OutYou can’t make a shy child stop being shy.

Kids are born with a certain temperament. On top of that, most toddlers and preschoolers are naturally a little cautious around new people. This caution is good for them, it protects them from danger. It can be hard, though, when a child is hoping to make a new friend.

Give your shy child a few tricks.

Most kids are open to new playmates and friends, and don’t even require much in the way of words to communicate. Give your shy child a few ideas about approaching someone new without stepping too far outside their comfort zone!

ABOUT Dr. G: Deborah Gilboa, MD is a Family Physician, mom of 4 boys, international speaker, Book coverand author. She developed the “3 R’s of Parenting” to empower parents to raise respectful, responsible, and resilient kids. Her new book released September 2014, Get the Behavior You Want… Without Being the Parent You Hate! She is a frequent contributor to ABC, CBS, WQED, Huffington Post, Parenting Magazine, and others. Check out her free downloadable tools to make your parenting more effective!

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