Viral Video: Has Technology Hijacked Your Dinner Table?

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An Australian company, Dolmio, has come up with a new technology device for families to gain control over the technology devices that are taking over their homes. This is BRILLIANT. How would your family react?

That was some serious tantrum time happening there! Would you be chuckling while your family flailed?

According to Bustle, this is how it works and it is not available for sale yet. It looks to me that this is just a brilliant marketing campaign by Dolmio, a spaghetti sauce company about getting families back to their dinner table so you can enjoy a family meal.

But it begs to ask the question, is technology taking over your house?

If you DO happen to get your family to the dinner table and need a place for the conversation to start, try THIS…it works in our house every night!

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Has technology hijacked your dinner table?