Gifting a STEM Kit for a hands on experience by STEM Mom

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Gifting a STEM Kit for a hands on experience

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STEMkitBe inspired to put together a STEM kit for the budding scientist, mathematician, or engineer in your life. STEM Mom provides tips on how to put together a set of activities, what supplies to include, and how to spruce up a composition lab notebook.


ABOUT DARCI:’s mission is to provide a community where public, private, and homeschooling teachers can connect and share inquiry science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities. Darci’s passion is helping kids of all ages learn about the process of science, rather than the facts.  Because she homeschools her young children, teaches high school, and provides professional development for teachers, articles in the same week may vary from the science behind glow-in-the-dark oobleck (geared to preschoolers, but fun for any age)—to sharing a high-school lab where students must remove the “contaminates” from a pseudo marine oil spill.

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