Ghost Handprint Craft for Kids

Megan Sheakoski:

Is there anything sweeter than handprint crafts? We especially love to make them for the holidays because we can hang them up every year as holiday decorations.

We have made lots of different Halloween handprint crafts over the years and this cute little handprint ghost is one of our favorites–probably because it is one of the most fun for kids to make!

Ghost Handprint Craft:

  • construction paper
  • white paint (I use washable)
  • black paint
  • googly eyes

Paint your child’s hand with the white paint or let them dip their hands into white paint on a plate. Then let them place their hand on construction paper and move their fingers back and forth to create a ghost shape. When it dries add googly eyes and a black thumbprint mouth.

You can hang them from the ceiling or on your wall with a string for cute little ghosts that fly around when someone walks by!

If you want to make a whole set of handprint crafts this October my Halloween Handprint Craft post has lots of ideas!



Ghost Handprint Craft for Halloween

Megan Sheakoski: Megan is the creator of Coffee Cups and Crayons, a blog that shares fun and useful ideas for modern parents. She is a coffee lover who loves playing, learning, and crafting with her kids. She believes that acts of kindness {and really good coffee!} can change the world.