Fourth of July Snack Idea for Kids

Educators' Spin on It

Fourth of July can be so much fun to celebrate with your child and their friends.  Encouraging your child to search around the house to find things that are red, white and blue and various symbols of America can be one of their first steps to learning about Patriotism for your child. Invite a few friends to join the fun at a Fourth of July themed play date or BBQ.  One of the easiest parts of hosting is snack time with this treat!  Our favorite Fourth of July Treat is this delicious Edible Flag. The kids have so much fun making it.  Here’s the recipe for how to create your own flag. The recipe includes ideas for activities and crafts for celebrating the Fourth of July too!


The Educators' Spin On It ABOUT THE EDUCATORS’ SPIN ON IT: Kim Vij is an early childhood educator and mom of three. She shares her “Educator’s Spin” on parenting issues and how to make everyday moments into learning opportunities at The Educators’ Spin On It and award winning Pinterest Boards. Follow Kim on PinterestFacebookTwitterInstagram |Google +

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