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This Father’s Day Printable is the perfect present for Dad. Just print it and have your kids fill in the blanks.

It takes only a few minutes to do, and if you have kids that aren’t writing yet, you can actually fill the answers in for them. Children of just about any age can draw a picture in the oval, but you could also attach a photograph to make it extra special! This Father’s Day printable goes perfect with a DIY gift for Dad.

free downloadable father's day printable from Kids Activities Blog

To Download This Father’s Day Printable, just click the link below:

Me and My Dad Father’s Day Printable By Kids Activities Blog

How To Use This Father’s Day Printable:

If you have younger kids, you can read the printable to them, but don’t help them with their answers! Seeing what they really think Daddy does and says is the best part! This would even be a fun project to do year after year with your kids so they could see the differences in their answers as they grow older.

Don’t have little ones anymore? That’s okay, too. At my house, we like to fill these in mad libs style since my daughter is a little older and it’s hilarious. Don’t show your kids the father’s day printable beforehand and just ask them these questions:

  • Pick a number.
  • Tell me something to do.
  • What’s a job people have?
  • What is something people say?
  • Tell me something else people do.
  • Tell me a thing.
  • Tell me one more thing people do.

free download fathers day printable from kids activities blog


We wrote in her answers and then let her read them out loud to her dad. The whole thing was too funny, and we laughed about it all night long!

This Father’s Day printable is a fun way to remember Dad on his special day without spending a fortune. We also have these Father’s Day Printable Cards over at Kids Activities Blog.


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