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4 Tips for Putting the HO-HO-HO in Holiday Road Trips

~:: Karen Dawkins of Family Travels on a Budget ::~


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I Am Rubber and You’re Glue…

~:: Perspective Parenting ::~

You know those priceless teachable moments we have as parents where you want to swoop in and show them the way? Like when your child discovers the fact that not everyone will always be nice to them. You want to protect them and tell them that people are mean and they are wonderful, but if you are focusing on reality, they need to learn the truth…communication is a two way street.






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Will Your Teenager Call When She Needs Help?

~:: Momfaze ::~

If your teen was in trouble, would she call for help?

It was just another lazy Saturday night in when the phone rang. Actually, I missed the call on my cell first, then it rang.

When a phone call starts a story, you know something big is about to go down. The truth is, I was half-expecting this call to come on some Saturday night someday. I just didn’t expect it tonight.

It was my 14-year-old daughter. Something had to be wrong because otherwise, she would text.


ABOUT MOMFAZE: Toronto freelance writer/editor Randi Chapnik Myers and social communicator Mara Shapiro blog for momfaze, a no-holds-barred site for parents of teens and tweens. Randi, who also writes for Today’s Parent, More magazine and the Globe & Mail, is proud to be an expert carpooler, a reluctant chef, and a hockey mom at StixandPux. Mara, a Community Manager for Our Kids Media and book reviewer on Be Nice or Leave Thanks, has a hard time wiping the smile off her face while trying to perfect the art of saying No to her three teenagers.


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20 Mommy-Daughter Dates

~:: Because My Life is Fascinating ::~

I’m not a parenting expert, so the minute I start acting like I know it all is when I get poop thrown at me in Target by my screaming, naked child. (For the record, this hasn’t happened. Yet.) I do, however, consider myself an expert, so to speak, in mommy-daughter dating. This has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with my Mom. I am a product–a success story of mommy-daughter dating.

And I want that same success with my daughter!

My hope is to provide y’all with some ideas that will fuel your relationship with your little girl! And you know, if you just happen to “Pin” it well golly-gee-whiz I’ll probably do a little happy dance in the kitchen.


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