190 Date Night Ideas

The Dating Divas

Before we had kids, anything my husband and I did together was essentially a date. We did things as a couple all the time – wandering a local arts fest…driving to Baltimore to see Coldplay…dinner and drinks…or even just taking the dogs for a walk. We had ample opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, explore the world around us, and have uninterrupted conversation.

Post-kids, quality time alone together is something that requires more planning. Usually, our “planning” means arranging for a sitter, then getting in the car and asking, “Uh, what should we do?” Dinner. Movies. Maybe bowling if we’re feeling adventurous.

When it comes to couple-time, it is easy to fall into a rut or at least a routine of the same ol’, same ol’. But, as The Dating Divas illustrate with their amazing round-ups of date ideas, shaking things up is much easier than we might think. It can involve taking something we do every day – cooking a meal, let’s say – and turning it from mundane into a fun shared activity. It might mean tackling a project together and realizing it is not “work” but a great opportunity to spend time together. Or it might mean sharing the excitement and curiosity of trying something totally new and unfamiliar together.

Are you ready to try something new? Here are just a few ideas (by which we mean close to 200), courtesy of The Dating Divas.

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So, how will you spend your next date night?


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