From Green to Gold: Creating Fall Leaves by Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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From Green to Gold: Creating Fall Leaves

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Green to Gold: Creating Fall Leaves - a fall craftWhile at the local bookstore we came across a new-to-us book called, Leaf Trouble, written by Jonathon Emmett. In the book, Pip, the squirrel, wakes one morning to find his home, a tree, changing. The leaves were no longer green AND they were falling off the tree! This bothered Pip greatly and he did everything he could think of to make the tree look as it had before. It was not until his mom explains to him that what is happening is part of the normal life cycle of the tree and that the leaves will return come spring, that Pip is finally able to enjoy the beautiful fallen leaves.

After reading this delightful book, my boys and I decided to make some leaves of our own. Using coffee filters, droppers and liquid water colors, we created our own pile of leaves which are as beautiful and colorful as the leaves outdoors.

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