The Good, The Bad, & The OMG of College Admissions by Grown & Flown

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The Good, The Bad,  & The OMG of College Admissions by Grown & Flown

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Whether you are helping your teenager prepare for the SATs or still helping your toddler wipe his nose, you will appreciate Mary Dell and Lisa’s reflections on the college application process and the road toward an empty nest.  Writes Mary Dell: “When you are on the road with your child visiting a school one day, there will be a moment when you witness him walking apart from you. You will see a different child than the 17-year-old who comes home from school and sits at the kitchen table with you. You will envision your child as a college freshman, independent and, really, quite grown up. At this moment you will do your best to keep from tearing up.” My oldest is only 7, yet I can totally imagine this moment and it makes my heart ache already!   ~Ellie

Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa Heffernan are two moms with five kids between their two families.  They have already seen their three eldest sons off to college and now, next fall, they will drop their two youngest at their freshman dorms. As friends for over a decade, they helped each other through their kids’ college application process and now have a few thoughts to share with BonBon Break readers.


Grown & Flown HeadshotABOUT MARY DELL AND LISA: Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa Endlich Heffernan are the voices behind Grown & Flown: Parenting from the Empty Nest. Between them they have five children for a total of 93 years of parenting experience as they hurtle towards their empty nests. Mary Dell has a MBA from Harvard Business School and worked at NBC, Discovery, and Lifetime. Lisa has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and worked as a Wall Street trader before becoming an author of three books including New York Times Business Bestseller, “Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success.” She writes for The Atlantic as well as the Huffington Post.

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