Brothers Convince Sister of Zombie Apocalypse While on Anesthesia

BonBon Break

This is truly sibling love at its best.

Who would expect this after having their wisdom teeth removed?

Millicent’s loving brothers picked her up from getting her wisdom teeth removed and while she is still under the influence of anesthesia, her brothers (and mom is in on the gag, too) convince her that there is a zombie apocalypse happening . You will LOVE her response and feel a little sorry for her dog. All we can say is that we really want to see paybacks on this prank.

Our favorite lines: “Which one do we take? The cat or the dog?”

“Chocolate cake or Funfetti cake?”

“How is your Spanish?We are going to meet dad in Mexico.” Her response ” I don’t know. I can say pants!”

Honestly? If she does this well under anesthesia, imagine how well she would do if it were true.