Your Best 11 Months in 5 Steps by Greg Santomero

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So..with  a month gone by within this brand new, clean slate of a year, are you feeling nice and renewed?!

Spring chicken-ish, new car smell, etc?!

With your New Year’s resolutions and their dedicated courses of action to do something BIG..something life changing, we all eagerly welcomed 2014 right into our lives! Right? You with me?! (cue the sudden halt of the marching band audio f/x)


Your New Year Resolution

But why do most of our New Year’s resolutions typically slip away quicker than they were conceived? Perhaps we should question the sheer importance of these see saw promises like exercise more, drink less, save money, lose weight?

While I believe in all of these pursuits, these actions don’t really make up who we are (aside from the extreme cases).

Yes, they’re elements that influence our daily life and well being, but should they really be so integral to our identity? I guess what I’m getting at is..Is it or should it be all about me?

Let’s take this one step further..Is the little microcosm of my personal success reflective of or assist with others’ happiness?


If my blood pressure’s down and my savings are up in 2014, sure I’ll be pleased with those things, but I’ve gotta feel like there’s more to it than that. And rest assured, the gal down the block..her life won’t be any fuller with my aforementioned smiley stickered, punch list items.

So I’ve revamped my “this years really gonna be different” list below. And just in time for Month #2. Feel free to pop the list up on the ’fridge or put it in your child’s school bag because, who knows, these changes might be worth keeping all year ’round!

  •  Create something. Anything that makes you lose sense of time

  •  Start a conversation with someone you don’t know

  •  Lend a hand to a person who looks like they rarely get offered one

  •  Listen, more openly, to another point of view and here’s the tough part, try not to judge or add your $.02

  •  Hug those you love at every opportunity

And feel free to add a few of your own while you’re here!

GAHABOUT GREG: Greg Santomero is first and foremost, a Dad of two creative, spirited girls and is married to children’s media creator, Angela Santomero (Blue’s Clues, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why!, etc.).

An award winning, innovative designer/creative director, Greg is responsible for the visual look of NBC’s Olympic Games, The Super Bowl, The French Open and Wimbledon. Greg’s work has garnered him several Emmy, Broadcast Design and Promax Awards.

Most recently, Greg began Santo Studios Design, a boutique design studio specializing in all forms of visual communication and branding utilizing live action, 2D and 3D for film, television, web and print.

Follow Greg on Twitter and Google+.

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This post was written by Greg Santomero exclusively for BonBon Break Media, LLC