All This ‘Leaning In’ and ‘Opting Out’ is Giving Me Whiplash! by Balancing Jane

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All This 'Leaning In' and 'Opting Out' is Giving Me Whiplash! by Balancing JaneIt can be hard to keep up with the media narratives surrounding working motherhood. Whether you are leaning in, opting out, or shaking it all about, it’s important to remember that our lives are more than a snapshot of any one moment or any one decision.

Michelle Balancing JaneABOUT MICHELLE: Michelle is a full-time community college educator, part-time PhD student, feminist, and mother to a toddler. She writes at Balancing Jane about the tensions and cohesions between these different roles. Some of her most common topics involve education policy, race and multiracial families, pop culture displays of feminism, and the politics of family life.

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*Image Credit: Creative Commons by Coco Mault via Flickr. Collection.