9 Ways to Sneak in Veggies by Being Confident of This



I don’t know any mom who wouldn’t love for her children to eat more of those healthy, vitamin-bearing vegetables. Thirteen years ago when our firstborn was a baby, I thought I did everything I could to encourage veggie-loving. When he started baby food, I fed him vegetables first rather than fruit. When he disliked a veggie, I would sneak it between bites of fruit or sometimes even mix the two.

Eventually, he happily ate many vegetables in mushy baby food form, but when it came time for finger foods, he balked. Imagine my surprise! Alas, veggie-loving just does not come naturally to him, nor does it for many children.

With the birth of our second child, I determined to work even harder to create a love (okay, at least a tolerance) for veggies. And then the Lord, in His infinite wisdom, decided to bless us with a strong-willed, picky eater. 🙂 By the time our twins came along, I had learned the secret to getting those veggies in: you must be very, very sneaky.

Here are nine strategies for sneaking those previously rejected vegetables into your child’s diet (and maybe your husband’s, too).


JenABOUT JEN: Jen is a work in progress! She is learning to let go of perfection and instead embrace grace. Mother to four children, ages four to thirteen, and wife to a pastor, she enjoys blogging about faith and family at Being Confident of This. She graduated from Huntington University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in English Education. A teacher by trade, she desires to help other moms survive, perhaps even thrive, in all stages of motherhood. She spends the majority of her time serving in her own home and the church her husband pastors, but she also enjoys singing, reading, writing, gardening, learning, teaching, creating, fellowshipping with others, and playing games with family. Above all, she desires to help people understand their identity in Christ and to encourage God’s people to live out the love that He has bestowed upon them.

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9 Ways to Sneak in Veggies by Being Confident of This