5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Ski for Free

Kristen Lummis

If you’re lucky enough to have a child in 5th or 6th grade, get ready for your best winter ever! Whether you live in Colorado or New York, Utah or Maine, if you live in a skiing state, there’s a good chance your state has a “Passport Program” that allows kids in a certain grade (usually 5th and 6th, sometimes 4th) to ski and ride for free! Ski free?!  Altogether`, nine states offer ski-free deals to kids within those states, while one deal, Ski NW Rockies is open to any fifth grader from any state. Not only is free skiing great because it’s free, but these programs often offer free and discounted lessons. It’s the perfect way to introduce your child to winter sports and score some memorable and fun family time while your kids ski free!



5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Ski for Free this Year!

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Kristen is the owner, writer and head ski tech at Brave Ski Mom. The mom of two boys in a busy outdoor family, she writes about skiing all year round, tossing in some biking, hiking, parenting and even a bit of reflection during the off-season. While her recreational passion is for all things snow, her real passion is for her family.