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Cleaning Tips

Growing up, I can remember the smell of Pine Sol at least twice a week in my house.  There were never any remnants of toothpaste in the sink and you could usually see lines in the carpet from the daily use of the vacuum. I’m not even going to try telling you that this resembles my house because there are many days that it is far from it.  As a mom of two young children, it’s difficult to keep up with the cleaning.  Luckily, I’ve found 5 go-to tips that work for us:

1.  Get the kiddos involved.  Riley is four and she’s helped me clean since she was three.  She doesn’t necessarily clean it to perfection, but she is busy.  That’s the key.  Riley needs to feel like she is helping and when I tell her that I need her help cleaning she tells me, “Of course.”  She loves feeling needed, and since becoming a big sister last Spring, I use the opportunity of us cleaning together to get her talking.

2.  Set specific parameters and expectations.  You can’t give a preschooler a wet sponge and not expect that she is going to try to clean the couch.  If left her to her own devices I’m sure Riley would use the wet sponge on the kitchen floor and then wipe down the windows.  I let Riley know that she needs to stay off of anything wood.  She promptly replies, “You wash the walls though mom.”  We then have the discussion about how the paint is a protective covering for the walls, so it’s okay to wash them.  You’ll be amazed with the things that fly through their little brains on a daily basis.  I certainly am!

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3.  Set responsibilities for both you and your partner.  Both my husband and I work, which means that the girls go to daycare during the day.  Consequently, our schedules can seem a bit crazy since my husband’s schedule is rotating.  There are specific things around the house that I don’t mind doing and there are things that he doesn’t mind as well.  I’m responsible for the laundry and bathrooms, while he is responsible for vacuuming and dusting. We try to keep it as fair as possible so that we’re both happy with the outcome.

4.  Pick a specific day for types of cleaning.  If you know that you clean the bathrooms every Saturday then it just becomes part of the routine, which is key for you as well as for toddlers.  I’m huge on routines, as you can read in my Tips for Toddlers.  I don’t like change, so for me a schedule is ideal. My husband, on the other hand, is more free-wheeling. He vacuums and dusts just about every other day {you don’t hear this girl complaining}.

5.  Just breathe.  Let’s be honest, it can’t always get done.  There are birthday parties, sick children, sleepless nights and just life in general that are going to get in the way.  Sometimes it’s better to just breathe, rather than running yourself ragged trying to have everything perfect.  Remember to take time for yourself because a happy momma is a good momma.  It’ll get done.

5 Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms by Jenny Melrose


profile pic150ABOUT JENNY: Jenny is a wife, mother and reading specialist in a low income city school district.  She is also the the founder of thenymelrosefamily.com – a lifestyle website sharing crafts, recipes, diy and party planning projects perfect for those looking for something quick and easy.  With two girls under the age of five, Jenny’s projects are toddler friendly and the perfect opportunity to create a special moment with your family.

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