25 Family Activities for December by The HillJean

BonBon Break

It’s December!

You guys, this is my favorite month of year! So much goodness packed into one month.

First, my birthday is tomorrow. It’s ok, if you forgot to send me a gift via mail there are always amazon gift cards.

Second, my anniversary is in two weeks, and for some reason my little brother wants to share the anniversary weekend. Therefore, a wedding!

Third, duh.

It’s Christmas!

It’s a crazy month–packed with excitement. I don’t want to let it pass me by. I want to savor moments with my family–my husband–my friends.

Now, y’all know how I love the mommy-daughter dates and such, right? Well, I’d like to share some activities that can be tailored into one-on-one dates or enjoyed by the whole family.

25 Family Activities for December by The HillJean


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