20 Birth Announcements that Will Make Your Ovaries Ache

Laura O'Rourke

There are few things in this life that are truly worth broadcasting to everyone we’re connected to. Birthing or adopting the cutest baby in the history of the planet is certainly one of those worthy reasons. In order to adequately explain how perfect her baby is over all the other babies, a mother must go to great lengths to make sure that her birth announcement stands out.

If you’re that mama getting ready to send out a birth announcement, then I am here to inspire you with amazing ideas from around the Internet. And if you’re not getting ready to welcome a new baby into this world, then it is time to get busy. Because these birth announcements are going to make your ovaries ache. You’re welcome, husbands.

He is more myself that I am. Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same✨

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A good tip for the perfect birth announcement is to say as much as you can using as few words as possible. Make sure you have all these items ready before the baby is born because this will all be ruined if you push past your baby’s first growth spurt. See that big “J” there? That means you need to know your baby’s name before he’s born. Either that or buy the whole alphabet in preparation.

If you’re more like my husband and I and you don’t name your baby until a day after he’s born, you probably won’t have an available wooden letter during those first few days of your child’s life either. (Unless, of course, your husband likes to go to craft stores, or is good at following directions, in which case, refer to option one above). Luckily, there are all kinds of photo editing programs to do get your point across. (Try PicMonkey or Canva). Use white bedsheets for the photoshoot as they create a nice backdrop but don’t go for the full monty picture if you ever want to use those sheets again.

Our little man. #newborn #birthannouncement #babyboy #clarkrichard

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For those of you who want to do it all, you can combine appropriate items AND photo editing to tell the story. Boom! Now all your friends will know that you’re the Mom to beat.

If you find yourself being drawn to simplicity and twine, then you’re in luck! Print the birth details on a business card and wrap it around a postcard photo of the baby. Mail it to all your hipster friends who refuse to use newfangled email and social media systems.

For the Mamas who love simplicity but could do without the twine.

If you’re over the effort it takes to make these birth announcements already but you still care about announcing the birth (maybe because you’ve gone all out with your previous babies), try this photoshoot that you can do right from the hospital. Simply add a sharpie and some name tags to your hospital bag before delivery. The hospital will provide the striped blanket.

Let me be straight with you. All of the photos you see are pretty much done by professional photographers. So, maybe that should be the first step of your birth announcement journey. If you or your husband aren’t professional photographers then consider hiring one. Ask them to create a shot that you can send out as a birth announcement. And please, for the love of all that is good and holy, do not attempt to do that shot with the baby holding his head up with his arms by yourself. Babies can’t naturally do that.

This is what I was talking about! Super cute birth announcement but the photo is not as easy as it looks! Done right, someone is actually holding that baby’s head up and it is edited out! Don’t put your baby at risk by trying this at home.

Order birth announcements from somewhere like Minted for a completely customizable but time-saving option. Isn’t this one gorgeous?
Welcoming Birth Foil-Pressed Birth Announcement Cards

Welcoming Birth Foil-Pressed Birth Announcement Cards

If you don’t have enough else to do, make a birth announcement booklet. Only do this if your friends and family are within driving distance because these could get expensive to ship.

Raise your hand if your body has not been the same since your baby was born! Do you care to share that info with the world? Your birth announcement is sure to get noticed if you throw a little humour into it.

This birth announcement is a great way to preemptively answer the “who’s the father?” question that you know everyone is thinking.

The perfect time to indoctrinate and welcome your children into your fandom of choice is within the first few days of their birth.

We always refused to find out the sex of our babies before they were born, but that meant we missed out on the fun gender reveal parties. This birth announcement is a really fun way to surprise people once the baby is born. Just make sure to not spoil the surprise on Facebook. Okay. Maybe this isn’t so practical after all…

This one is going to take some planning. Like, 9 months of planning.

What’s that I said about fandoms?

For those times when you need to remind your friends that everything is perfectly normal. Humans have little humans.

You don’t have to miss this beautiful opportunity to share an announcement if you haven’t experienced the pregnancy yourself. Announce your adoption. How sweet is this?

When a brilliant photo meets a chocolate bar ? #ohbaby

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Speaking of sweet… Send a birth announcement wrapped around a chocolate bar!

Finally, if this isn’t your first baby, let your bigger kids share in the excitement too!


Oh mama, these are so sweet!

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