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Yes, I Have a Third Kid

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yes i have a third kid

And he said it’s okay to tell you about him.

If you’ve been here for some time you may very well have thought that I only had two children. I do a lot with Noah and Chelsea and share much of it here. So I’ll get, on occasion, something like, “Oh? You have another son?” If any of you live with – or HAVE lived with – a 15-year old-boy, I’m sure that this doesn’t surprise you.

Teenage boys are the polar opposites of their female counterparts. See, life with a teenage girl is experienced in REAL TIME. Seriously. There isn’t a bad hair day, cruel taunt, or failed outfit that you don’t hear about loud and clear – as it’s happening, and typically accompanied by shrieks and tears. I seriously doubt that there was a moment during Chelsea’s adolescence that I wasn’t on intimate terms with. And I wouldn’t have traded a minute of it. Yes, it was often exhausting, but I was grateful that she chose to share it all with me. It gave me the opportunity to comfort her (as best as I could), and to forge a close bond that still exists today. I never had to wonder if she was having a good day or a bad day, as I was getting a minute-by-minute account.

But the boys? To say they “fly under the radar” is an understatement. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but one day Conor was just GONE. Not physically – laundry, meals and requests for allowance were proof that he still lived with us. But he now passed on most family outings. On the weekends he would sleep till mid-afternoon, only to slip out upon awakening to be with his friends. The door to his room entered a state of permanent SHUT. And conversations dwindled to almost nothing. He was still sweet and respectful, kept his room neat and orderly and did his schoolwork and chores (usually) without fuss.

He was just GONE.

So I understood why people I had just recently met thought I only had a daughter in college and a toddler. And for the most part I found this pretty amusing.

Till recently.

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