‘U’ is for Unplugging: A-Z of Simple Living by Slow Your Home

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‘U’ is for Unplugging: A-Z of Simple Living

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‘U’ is for Unplugging: A-Z of Simple Living by Slow Your HomeDid you know that in 2013, we receive an average amount of information – per day – far greater than anything our ancestors received in a lifetime?
Isn’t that just… nuts?
Yes, our constantly connected world has so many advantages. We can communicate across vast distances, virtually experience incredible places, learn from masters and discover anything imaginable with a few clicks of a mouse button or swipe of a finger.
But we are constantly connected, constantly absorbing new information, constantly on-call. It’s little wonder we feel stressed, strained and overwhelmed.
What we really need is more time to ourselves. More time to engage – really engage – with life. More time to just be.
We need to unplug.

brookeABOUT BROOKE Brooke McAlary is a blissful gardener, simple living enthusiast, passionate writer and inappropriate laugher. She is also a happy wife, busy mum and slightly strange Australian. In her former (pre-kids) life, she ran her own jewellery label, but… well, that didn’t end well. Now she writes – a lot.
Slow Your Home is where she writes about creating the simpler life you want. Slowing down, simplifying, sucking in the good stuff and appreciating the everyday – if she has a legacy, this would be it.
You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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