Ten Photos: The More The Merrier

Andrea Mowery

Now that the holidays are here, it’s time to think about all the people you will be spending time with. Family members, young and old.  Good friends.  Frenemies who always show up at the same holiday parties you’re invited to.  Co-workers who consistently steal your advancement opportunities.  Pompous colleagues.  Your weird Aunt Sally.

Panic attacks are optional.

In the spirit of togetherness, I searched for photos using terms that indicated groups of people.  What I found made me feel better about spending the holidays with the group of misfits that surround me.

Party People

Santa Claus isolated on white background. Christmas holiday party.

photo via deposit photos

 Solo party with creepy Santa?  No thanks, I’m good.

crazy businessmen dancing

photo via deposit photos

 This picture would make me laugh harder if it didn’t remind me so much of that one embarrassing work party that I don’t remember so well.

* * *

Date Night

Beautiful woman enjoying a glass of pink champagne.

photo via deposit photos

 Tinsel Tina is ready for your hot date.


the more the merrier 10

Photo credit: bnpositive / Foter / CC BY-SA

Maggie wanted Chuck E. Cheese, not Cheap Chinese.

* * *

Family Meal

Baby biting a loaf of bread in roll beads isolated on white

photo via deposit photos

 A bagel necklace and huge bread guarantees that your toddler will always be satisfied at mealtimes.

Why didn’t I think of this when my kids were little?


picnic basket on green lawn

photo via deposit photos

 Because nothing screams “family” like a dog as your dinner date.

* * *

Family Vacation

Happy dog travelling in the car boot

photo via deposit photos

 Poor guy.  Though I guess if you have to make someone sit in the back during a road trip,

it’s best that it’s the one who won’t ask you to charge his iPhone fifty times.

* * *

Couple in love

the more the merrier 7

photo via deposit photos


* * *

Girls telling secrets

the more the merrier 8

photo via flickr

 Her secret is that she just fed the bear a snack:

Her baby sister.


the more the merrier 9

photo via flickr

 Her secret is that she watches you when you are sleeping.

And pretty much when you’re awake, too.

This post was written by Andrea Mowery exclusively for BonBon Break Media, LLC.

Andrea is a former market researcher-turned stay-at-home wife and mother of two children who are racing through the teen years. Not one to shy away from admitting her mistakes, Andrea writes at About 100%, a blog about life and parenting generously sprinkled with self-deprecating humor, common sense attitudes, and heart.