Family Room July 16 2012

BonBon Break

THE LANGUAGE OF FAMILY ::: Love is Not a Pie

I need a new word. I love the English language. I love that it contains the words“sternutation,” meaning “the act or sound of sneezing,” and “philtrum,” for the little groove above a person’s lip, and countless others, both useful and amusing. But there is one area in which our language has been letting me down lately, and that’s the area of family.

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About Rebecca: Rebecca Hawkes is an adoptee and an adoptive mother who writes about family from both points of view on her blog Love Is Not a Pie. She adopted her daughter Ashley from foster care and has developed a surprisingly close relationship with Ashley’s original mother. Together, they have founded Ashley’s Moms , an organization focused on supporting families and encouraging open-adoption relationships that benefit the adopted child. Follow Rebecca’s experiences on Facebook & Twitter.

MIRACLE IN MOMMYLAND ::: My Dishwasher’s Possessed

There are days in Mommyland when I wonder what I was thinking when I decided to be a SAHM. Days when I think of calling in sick only to remember there is nobody to call in to. Then there are days when one of my kids does something that, although may come easily to most has eluded them, and I know I have witnessed a miracle…

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About Kathy:  Kathy Radigan is a mom, wife, writer, blogger, social media freak, Mad Men fan and the co-founder and co-editor of Bonbon Break. She lives in New York with her husband Joe and their three wonderful and wonderfully diverse children. You can find Kathy on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


A little over a year ago my wife and I made a baby with an amazing man that we met online. This raises a lot of questions. As it says in my profile, I am a shy over-sharer. I encourage questions and am happy to answer them openly and honestly. Even if your question is why did you need an artichoke jar to make a baby? I will gladly give you all the details. However, sometimes random people in the grocery store approach us and say really asinine things. You should probably learn from their mistakes.

For starters, “Who is the mom?”

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About Kristin: I am my wife’s wife and my son’s Mama. My story is just your typical Canadian girl meets, girl marries girl, girls want baby, girls meet gay NYC man on internet to have baby with, love at first email, gay fairytale for the digital age kinda story. I blog about my adoration of, and gratitude for, my young son as well as how my wife and I met and maintain a relationship with his father. I find joy in the simple pleasures of parenting while trying to be realistic about the trials and tribulations it entails. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

PREPARING YOUR CAR FOR TRAVEL ::: Family Travels on a Budget

Summer and vacation. These words fit together like cookies and milk, Ben and Jerry, or Mickey and Minnie! (I had to throw a nonfood example in there, because I don’t want you to get too hungry!) Some words don’t fit together so nicely. Tow and truck. Flat and tire. Over and heated. These words begin the vacation nightmare! And they are almost completely avoidable, with just a bit of preparation. For a trouble-free road trip this summer, take a few minutes to prepare your car. Here’s how:

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About Karen: Karen and her family have learned the art of enjoying the travel experience. She shares humorous anecdotes from her own experiences and uses them to equip the reader to travel better. Her blog offers: Step-by-step “how to’s” for each element of the vacation planning process, practical advice on how to evaluate options in light of your family’s needs, wish-lists, and finances, and destination-specific planning aids. You can follow Karen’s travel advice on Facebook & Twitter.


Parenthood comes with all sorts of teachable moments. For me, part of parenting involves teaching my kids to contribute to their community.

How do our kids learn about the world? Do they read the newspaper? Listen to the radio? Travel outside their hometown?

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About Jennifer: When not teaching or mothering her tween and teen, Jennifer Wolfe enjoys writing, blogging, volunteering, traveling, skiing and reading. A native Californian, she enjoys the beach as well as the mountains for relaxation. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, StumbleUpon, Yahoo Newspaper.

IF I WAS IN CONTROL ::: Perspective Parenting

If I was in control of my child, they would never cry.
If I was in control of my child, they would never say No to me.
If I was in control of my child, they would never get sick.
If I was in control of my child, they would always pick up their mess without me asking.
If I was in control of my child…

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About Lynn: She  is a mother of 2 young children and a professional school counselor to adolescents. She shares her perspectives regularly on everyday parenting concerns based on professional counseling experience fused with personal parenting experiences, using a blend of humor and reality.  You can follow Lynn on Facebook and Twitter.