Problem: Public bathrooms and kids

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Problem Solved: Public Bathrooms and Kids

Taking your kids into public bathrooms is wrought with problems.

You know what I am talking about. Once your sweet little babe starts using the potty, she wants to hit every public bathroom between your house and your destination. Twice.

And then they touch EVERYTHING.

Out of desperation, I tried something with my son. On our way to the bathroom, I asked him, “What color do you think the soap will be?” Hmmmm…. lots of brain power going on. I led him into the stall, I lifted the seat, he peed. Still thinking and whispering out every color of the rainbow. I flushed. (He hadn’t touched a THING!)

“Let’s go see!”, we both exclaimed after we pulled up his pants. He RAN to the sink and squirt soap in his little pudgy hand. “PINK! SWEET!”, he exclaimed.

And then I forgot about it until the next time we went to a public bathroom. As we walked in the door, he asked me, “Mom, what color do you think the soap will be?” WOO HOO! “I don’t know Buddy! What color do YOU think it will be?” Same thing again. A list of colors rolling off of his tongue. He’s 6 1/2 now and STILL asks the question.

Along came Lil Miss who is a walking, talking firecracker. I knew it wouldn’t work with her because none of my other “brilliant” parenting strategies did, but I gave it a try. “Oh mama! It could be RAINBOW or red. Maybe blue or violet?”, she sang. Dear Lord. It worked. And it still works to this day. AND it has worked for lots of my friends. Give it a try.

Keep those little minds busy thinking and they don’t want to touch every surface and they cannot WAIT to wash their hands.

What strategies do you use to keep bathroom trips sane?

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