Our Favorite Fall Layers

Val Curtis
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Fall is my favorite.  Hands down. When the temperature drops and the wind picks up, I get the chance to put on my favorite fall layers. I have been lucky enough to partner up with Aventura Clothing the past two years as an ambassador and in July, I had the GREAT opportunity to choose a few pieces from their Fall / Winter collection.

The basics for my Fall wardrobe are a great vest that goes with everything, a cardi that I can wear in a flash, a warmer coat, long sleeve tops, leggings and skirts. Here are a few of my favorites:

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This is the Bramwell Vest paired with the Abbott Top. It is perfection and I have been layering this vest almost daily. Yesterday, it got really blustery and I threw my down coat on top of the whole collection! The details on this combination just have me swooning: the cuffs, the shoulder details, the vest’s overall style.
This is comfort. I was kicking back, chatting with a friend on FaceTime and I thought “This is a pretty awesome combo for comfort right here” and I snapped a pic. When I am not wearing the Bramwell vest, I have this sweet sweater on.

After sharing this photo on Facebook, a friend from high school sent me a note that she ordered a Bethel Cardi for herself and today she sent me a note saying she just received it in the mail and it is just as comfy and soft as I said! See? I’m not a liar. The vest and this cardi will become long-time staples in your closet because Aventura lasts.

This is not from this year, but from last year and it is still a favorite. Yes, this little darling has been in the wash multiple times and keeps on ticking. The style closest to this is the Simone Vest – I LOVE the Biking Red and the Smoke Pine. Hmmmm. My birthday IS coming up.


Aventura has an incredible collection of tops. I have already mentioned my love for the Abbott, but I cannot forget the Larkin which I just wore yesterday to a conference (under the Bramwell. You want a photo? Well, it was blowing like the devil and I didn’t stay outside very long and my curls went a little cray cray, so no photo, sorry!).

Aventura Larkin top
There are so many great options and this top has that famous little Aventura green leaf which means it is made with sustainable products. Take a peek at the entire sustainable collection here.

A few other favorites?

Sela Skirt


Laurel Skirt


I would highly suggest checking out their :






…and PAJAMAS! These feel like an EXTRA special gift to yourself. Until next time lovelies! Stay warm and layer up!


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