No Angry Kids: Fostering Emotional Literacy in Our Children by Janet Lansbury: elevating child care

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No Angry Kids: Fostering Emotional Literacy in Our Children

~:: Janet Lansbury: elevating child care ::~

In the beginning, fostering healthy emotional development for our children means listening and trying to decipher our babies’ cries rather than immediately suppressing or ignoring them.  It means that throughout childhood, anger, grief and sadness are acceptable feelings for our children to express anytime anywhere (although never in a destructive or unsafe manner).  Granting our children this freedom to be their whole selves — unconditional acceptance — will lead to far fewer enraged or depressed adults in the future.

I write about this subject so often I feel like a broken record, but since this aspect of child care is both a) the most important, and b) the most intensely challenging, here I am at it again sharing two crucial ways we nurture and promote emotional health…

Janet ABOUT JANET: Mentored by world renowned infant specialist Magda Gerber (beginning in 1993), Janet was transformed from a clueless new mom to a passionate parent educator. She’s been guiding and supporting parents ever since. Now a mother of 3, Janet facilitates weekly Parent/Infant Guidance Classes and is a member of the board of directors of Resources for Infant Educarers, commonly known as RIE (rye), the international, non-profit organization Magda Gerber founded in 1978.  Janet is dedicated to improving the quality of child care and education around the globe…and having a jolly time doing it. Follow Janet on Facebook and Twitter