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National Clean Out Your Purse Day Giveaway (giveaway ends May 19)

When you were a little girl, how much did you want a handbag just like your mom’s? I know I did. I wanted a purse so badly. Along with putting my little preschool sized feet in heels and hoping to get a swipe of her lipstick, I wanted anything of my mom’s. Throw in a whiff of Chanel No5 and you have me right back to 1977!

A purse meant being a grownup, a lady, someone important. Grownups had wallets and check books; important stuff to carry in those purses. Not to mention packs of Wrigley’s Double Mint Gum. I would only get half a stick. We were a frugal family.

My mom passed on to me the love of a good handbag. I can never decide between a satchel, a tote, or maybe a cross-body! I love them all. A new handbag is an exciting purchase! I think I get more titillation over a new pocket book than a new pair of shoes. You heard me. I am always on the lookout for a new purse. Don’t ask how many I have!

Speaking of these bags, it never fails that they get filled to the brim with the oddest items, as well as reams of Target receipts and coupons, gum wrappers, gas station receipts and Starbucks cards. I try to keep it neat, I swear!

May 15th is National Clean Out Your Handbag Day…and it couldn’t come soon enough. I think there’s popcorn kernels in the bottom of mine from the last trip to the movies with the kids.

And just for our Bonbon Break readers, we have a giveaway for an adorable Latique tote, valued at $118 in a trendy Emerald Green. It’s roomy and convenient as well as stylish. You will love it to fit your makeup bag, phone, keys, or sippy cup and a few pacifiers! We know that’s what goes in them.

Latique tote giveaway on Bonbon BreakBe sure to enter by:

1) (mandatory entry) Commenting what the strangest thing you have in your handbag right now! Go look and then enter.

2) (extra luck entry) Signing up for our newsletter: Here


Good luck. Oh, and don’t forget to clean out the one you use today.



Rebecca-GallagherABOUT REBECCA: Rebecca Gallagher is a SAHM to a teenager and a tweenager. A recovering aspiring actress, she laughs at herself on a daily basis. As Editor of The Bedroom, Rebecca delights our readers, just as she delights her own readers at Frugalista Blog. Rebecca has contributed to two Amazon bestsellers as well as being featured on Scary Mommy, In the Powder Room and was a one-time parent blog of the week on Huff Post. When she’s not writing, she enjoys donuts too often, and exercise too infrequently. She has an addiction to makeup and beauty products and an obsession with Daniel Craig.

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The “National Clean Out Your Purse Day” giveaway begins Thursday, May 15  and ends at 12:00 AM on Monday, May, 19 2014.

Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only. Void where prohibited. We will never sell, distribute, or spam your email.

The winners will be chosen by  This is a non-sponsored post. The bag was gifted to BonBon Break for the purpose of this giveaway.