Gifts That Might be Headed Your Way this Mother’s Day

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Heeeeeere comes Mother’s Day! An ENTIRE day in which your children shower you with attention and gifts. So! Many! Gifts! You are one lucky lady. Yes, indeedy.

In preparation for the gift bonanza, spend a few minutes each day practicing your thrilled/surprised face in the mirror. The surprised part will likely come naturally, the layer of “thrilled”atop it will take some practice.

Your purse decorated with dinosaur stickers? How lovely! Damp goldfish crackers from your child’s pocket? Dont mind if I do!

You’ve got to hand it to them, they do try. Just remember, despite all evidence to the contrary, they really do love you. Let us count the many ways they show it.

Gifts that might be headed your way this Mother’s Day

  • Flowers from the mean neighbor’s garden
  • A playdoh …thing. Giraffe? Chicken? Grandma??
  • A necklace made from other jewelry you own, all tangled together
  • A peanut butter and grapes and ketchup and salt sandwich
  • A live worm
  • Earrings made of noodles and tape
  • Your child’s favorite toy (On second thought … No, you can’t have that)
  • A handful of full of partially chewed smoked salmon, because it’s “yucky”
  • A crown of weeds
  • A drawing of you topless with a giant wine glass
  • Another drawing of you topless on the dining room wall
  • Nose smear on your blouse in the middle of brunch
  • Handprints made with syrup in your hair
  • A lap full of buttered toast
  • A day filled with damp hugs that you wouldn’t trade for the world - Gifts that might be headed your way this Mother's Day


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Once upon a time, Norine met Jessica at one of those “it stays in Vegas” holiday parties — which actually sounds a lot more salacious than it actually was. A little while later, Jessica had a kid. Then Norine had a kid. Then Norine began developing a series of science-y/parent-y ain’t-that-the-truth-isms. Then Jessica came in and scribbled all over them. And Science of Parenthood was born. Norine and Jessica are not Nobel Prize-winning scientists … though they play them on the blog. Fortunately, Norine and Jessica are both married to their own adorable geeks, who explain all this science-y stuff to them at those times when recalling the laws of thermodynamics on three hours of sleep is simply too tall an order.

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