Measuring and Estimating with Candy Hearts

Chelsey Marashian

If your house is anything like ours at this time of year, when the candy hearts start to appear in the shops, the kids want them; they just look so pretty with their lovely colors. I buy a couple of packets and get them home, and every year, when my kids open them, they try one and declare, “I don’t like it.” Or we end up with so many packets from Valentine’s gifts that we will be eating them well into Halloween. What to do with them is always a big question. I hate throwing away food, but what a fabulous idea to use them in some Math work with the children estimating and measuring with Candy Hearts.

Nonstandard units of measure like hearts, hands, feet, toys, bricks are a fantastic way to introduce young children to measuring without them being able to read numbers on a rule. It gives opportunities to talk about length and the language involved with measurement. Working with estimation is important as well; when children try this for the first time, the younger they are, the more outlandish their estimations will be.  Often they’ll say a favorite number, the biggest number they can think of, or how old they are at the moment.

The FREE PRINTABLE to download will help you use up those excess candy hearts and practice measuring and estimation with this fun Valentine’s Learning Activity for Kids.




Measuring with Candy Hearts plus Free Printable

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