How to Make a Fairy Garden

Lisa Fyfe

Creating a fairy garden in your backyard is such a whimsical, expansive, and creative activity for small children. It stretches their imagination by giving them the gift of believing in magical things. Let them create living spaces for the fairies to rest, read and play. We used a seashell as a pond, doll furniture for a seating area and tiles for a walking path. Use things that are already in your home and backyard.

Check on your fairy garden each day for signs of fairy activity. We fill the pond each day, so that the fairies have fresh water for their evening baths. We tidy up, so that things look nice for them too. We water the plants, and add new furniture when we get inspired to change things up.

Managing a fairy garden is such simple and enriching activity for your children. It will create memories for your kids that you will always treasure.



Make a Fairy Garden by Little Monster

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