Lemon-Rosemary Pine Nut Shortbread

Suzanne Cowden


Yay for holiday cookies! As I mentioned before, I’m one of those people who makes cookies for my neighbors, my postal worker, the dry cleaner, the UPS man, the gardener, and the pool man. Let’s not forget my friends and family! Each year I get together with a friend in an event we dub “cookiepocalypse” and bake dozens of cookies in one afternoon to distribute throughout the community. Full disclosure: there may be some wine drinking involved in this endeavor.

Once November rolls around, I start to scour the internet for fun and new cookie recipes to try along with our classics. This year, these lemon-rosemary pine nut shortbread cookies caught my eye. First of all, the cute star shape is completely irresistible. Secondly, as a good Scottish girl, buttery shortbread has always been a part of every family celebration. Finally, I’m loving this flavor combination!

 “The rosemary adds a subtle savory note behind the sweetness of shortbread full of intense lemon flavor and pine nut richness.  And when you hit on one of those salt crystal nestled inside, this crazy flavor explosion makes you need to eat more.”

 I cannot wait to make these. There’s something very “holiday” about lemon and rosemary together if you ask me. I’m even more excited to see what my shortbread-loving family has to say. Something tells me they’re going to be asking for the recipe.

 So I’m dying to know, who else makes holiday cookies for their friends and neighbors each year? What are your classic go-to recipes?




These Lemon Rosemary Pine Nut Shortbread Cookies are the perfect addition to your Holiday Cookie Platter!

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