Just Five More Minutes

Angela Caswell

Five more minutes is all I need.

Five more minutes to lay in the darkness.

Five more minutes to enjoy the almost quiet.

Five more minutes to feel the cool sheets around me like a welcoming cocoon.

Five more minutes to do nothing while I think about all that must be done.

Five more minutes that will be interrupted with a cry or someone staring over me.

Five more minutes to just Be.

Five minutes to sort the laundry and start the first load.

Five minutes to unload the dishwasher. Another five to reload. Still another five to wash the pans.

Five minute interruptions to change a diaper, fix a snack, resolve conflicts, and refill my coffee.

Five minutes to switch over the first and start another load of laundry.

Five minutes to vacuum, five minutes to mop.

Five minutes to clean a bathroom.

Five minutes to put away the first load of laundry.

Five minute intervals of choredom to create a usable space.

Five minutes to mess it all up again.

Five more minutes of snuggle time.

Five more minutes to play.

Five more minutes to read together.

Five more minutes to pray.

Five more minutes just to Be with mommy.

Five more minutes to finish an email.

Five more minutes to talk to my love.

Five more minutes to check on sleeping children.

Five more minutes to remember the blessing of each moment.

Five more minutes to forget the challenges of the day and relish in the victories.

Five more minutes to reflect that these days are long but the years are short.

Five more minutes to pray for more patience, strength, and grace for tomorrow.

Five more minutes in the dark, quiet peaceful space as I drift to dreamland.

Sleep may seem like only five minutes before beginning again, but those five minutes are just enough.

Dear children, be kind and give your mama those last five minutes. Just five more minutes.

Love, Mom.

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Just 5 More Minutes

 This post was written by Angela Caswell exclusively for BonBon Break Media, LLC.

Angela and her writing are a work in progress. She is first and foremost a Christian, a wife, and a mom. Like most women, she struggles to balance those roles, and writes as a way of sharing what she has learned and what she wants to do better.For almost eight years, she served alongside her husband as an Army Wife. Before marriage and children, she worked as a social worker. They have two strong-willed, fiercely independent children.