How to Get Your Teen to Clean

Alexandra Rosas

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Last Saturday day, I made my 18-year-old son clean his room. I say Saturday day because that’s how long it took. The two of us worked together, side by side, because misery loves company and I’m not a fan of cleaning, myself. I sequestered myself to do the boys’ bathroom which looked like a meth lab, and my teen son worked on his bedroom, which looked like the pilot episode for World’s Youngest Hoarders.

We began not bright and early, second-cup-of-coffee o’clock would be more accurate. My goal was to not have to kick clothes out of the way with my foot to make a path past his bedroom door. Also, to have him clean his room without me needing a whip and a chair. And no threats. Because what is a threat anyway but just an upside down bribe.

I wanted to get his room clean because I had just read an article about how disorganization can cause stress for teens. What I wanted for my son was for his room to be a sanctuary of retreat, a haven where he would feel comfort and peace, and not like his brain had a compound fracture at the sight of it. Long story short, mission accomplished and here’s how we did it, minute by longest minute on earth, minute:

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How To Get Your Teen To Clean by Good Day, Regular People

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