How to Build A Bird Hide

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Build a Bird Hide #outdoors

A bird hide, also called a bird blind in North America, is a structure that’s used to help camouflage you while you observe wildlife. If you live in a suburban to rural area and have birds and other wildlife visiting your backyard regularly, building a bird hide is a perfect play space to create outdoors with your family.

Although a bird hide is primarily used to get beautiful photographs of wild animals and allow you to observe and study wildlife without them knowing you’re there, it can also be used in a variety of other ways.  You could camp out in it, use it as a fairy house or keep it as your children’s personal pirate hideaway, its uses are endless!

To make a bird hide all you need is to clean up the foliage around your garden and brush up on some rope skills.  See how easy it is to  build one yourself using only a few materials you probably already have around your home.

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