Hot Roast Beef Sandwich by Art and the Kitchen

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Hot Roast Beef Sandwich by Art in the Kitchen

My husband says this is the best Hot Roast Beef Sandwich he has ever tasted and he’s eaten plenty. The key to the incredible flavor is using the leftover roast beef and the “jus” that I cooked in the crockpot the day before. Add to that fresh French bread and homemade onion rings – now you’ve got a meal that has the family begging for seconds.

laureenABOUT LAUREEN: My late Grandmother was such an inspiration, she was a lady of simple means that lived on the farm, grew an enormous garden, baked the most delicious bread and grew the most beautiful flowers. I have always been passionate about art, cooking and gardening. My 19 year old son who is away at University uses my blog, Art and the Kitchen,  as his cookbook and my husband of 23 years gets to enjoy all the new recipes I am trying. One of my biggest accomplishments has been learning to use a DSLR camera – still lots learning to be done.

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