From Australia to Connecticut with love by They Call Me Mummy

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From Australia to Connecticut with Love

~:: They Call Me Mummy ::~

The Newtown tragedy is felt around the worldMiss M: Are we rich, Mum?
Me: Well, what does rich mean?
Miss M: I think it means you have everything you want in the world
Me: Okay, then. So, do you think we’re rich?
Miss M: I think we are the richest, Mum, because we have lots of people who we love and who love us and that means we have everything we want in the world.

Today, this little conversation between my daughter and I means more to me than ever.

  When Michelle is not drowning under a mountain of laundry, she writes commercials and yells (gently and encouragingly) at her children. She loves her three little people more than she ever believed was possible. Oh, and her house is not Pinterest-worthy.

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