DIY Microscope Slide Kit for Kids by How We Montessori

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DIY Microscope Slide Kit – for a five year old

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DIY Microscope Slide Kit for kids by How We MontessoriDIY Microscope Slide Kit for kids by How We MontessoriDo you want to blow your kid’s mind? Check out a fly’s leg under a microscope! Most microscope slide kits come with glass slides and sharp tweezers, but is that necessary for a 5 year old to have an authentic experience observing his or her findings? Join “How We Montessori” to create this DIY Microscope Slide Kit for kids that will keep your children engaged and help them explore their world in a way that is safe and accessible. She also has include some printable labs sheets for their Microscope Study Field Journal.

ABOUT KYLIE: Kylie D’Alton is a mother to two boys. She blogs at how we montessori  about raising them the Montessori way. She not Montessori trained and she doesn’t homeschool. Her son attends a Montessori school and they incorporate the philosophy of Maria Montessori into their home lives the best they can.

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